Giuliani: When I Bring Up De Blasio Around My Democratic Friends They Change The Subject

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said when his Democratic friends rag on him for supporting President Donald Trump he asks them what about current Mayor Bill De Blasio and they want to change the subject.

HANNITY: You know, de Blasio didn’t buy the 10,000 ventilators that his own health force said he would need. The 500 he had, he auctioned off, we don’t know who to.
And then he was saying March 2nd through 5th, go out on the town. Here are my recommendations. March 10, he was saying, it’s still — the risk is very low. OK. A lot of people got it wrong.
GIULIANI: I shouldn’t laugh. It’s a disaster. It’s a disaster.
Oh, no, no, he got it wrong by two or three more weeks than anybody else, I mean, because, basically, he doesn’t go to work. I mean, the guy comes in late, well-known story, doesn’t really pay attention, gets away with it because The New York Times protects him.
The Post covers it somewhat, but they actually don’t cover it the way they should. He’s been a disaster of a mayor.
I have a radio show now, special on coronavirus. And I have asked — I have challenged people to defend him. I said, somebody called me up and defend him.
I can’t find a Democrat in this city that defends him, Sean. I can’t — my Democratic friends, who are angry at me for supporting Trump and representing Trump, I will say to them, what about de Blasio? And they will say, let’s talk about something else.
GIULIANI: Nobody defends him. He has no one to defend — I have never seen this before.