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Midterm election: Democrats lose 'sugar high,' Republicans reassess – Los Angeles Times

The midterm election battleground has narrowed as some races move out of contention. Control of the Senate remains uncertain.

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Republican 'Commitment to America' Is More Redundant Than Misguided – Bloomberg

The House minority leadership's latest pledge is an attempt to nationalize an election that's already been nationalized.


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GOP pursues court order over rejected signature check motion | The Kansas City Star

The GOP is pursuing its latest legal challenge to North Carolina electoral procedures established by the Democrat-led State Board of Elections.

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POSTPONED: Day 9 of January 6 Committee Hearings to be Rescheduled Due to Hurricane Ian

Chair Bennie Thompson and Vice Chair Liz Cheney will lead the continuing inquiry into those who were behind the violent attack on the U.S.…

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Swing-state voters favor Trump over Biden on China, support shielding businesses from lawsuits

Voters in nine battleground states trust President Trump more than presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden to hold China accountable for the coronavirus…

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